Sensidin DO

It is a liquid, clear substance that is a much safer alternative to some solutions that were previously used in cosmetics. It shows effectiveness against bacteria that cause sweat and fungus decomposition. And this action causes that the reproduction of microorganisms responsible for bad odor is limited to a large extent.

It is a recommended product for foot and hand hygiene products, but it also has the following properties:

  • moisturizing
  • Softening the skin
  • It improves absorption
  • Supports the action of other substances

Microorganism reduction tests were carried out for basic microorganisms found on the feet and causing perspiration decomposing with the release of an unpleasant odor. The time was 30 minutes. The results are as follows:

  • Staphylococcus epidermis - 0.1% Sensidin DO, 5 log reduction
  • Bacillus subtilis - 0.1% Sensidin DO, reduction of approx. 3 logs, and at 0.7% Sensidin DO reduction of approx. 4 logs