MATRIXYL® Morphomics™

Some signs of aging are associated with loss of communication between the cell nucleus and the environment. Communication problems are related to the lack of signal paths in the cytoskeleton resulting from disorders of cell metabolism. MATRIXYL® Morphomics ™ presents an innovative approach to research into the activity of matrykin® in reducing wrinkles and signs of skin aging.

MATRIXYL® Morphomics ™ operation:

  • activates the longevity genes ™ FOXO and SESN (sesterine) involved in the renewal of cell metabolism and their survival
  • reactivates the connection between the nucleus and ECM, affects the integrity of the cytoskeleton
  • stimulates the production of collagen fibers and their maturation to rebuild their functional cross-linking
  • affects key factors that are responsible for the morphology of cells and skin tissue

Youth Proteomics ™ enables activation of longevity ™ genes to counteract cellular aging. MATRIXYL® Morphomics ™ affects cell and skin morphology by restoring and reactivating the connections in the skin between the cell nucleus and ECM. Consequently, MATRIXYL® Morphomics ™ reduces vertical wrinkles (frontal wrinkles, puppet wrinkles, nasolabial furrow), as well as after 6 weeks on crow's feet, all for a happy facial expression.