Active collagen formula

COLLASOL M is a 1.0% active solution of native soluble collagen derived from Tilapia freshwater fish. Fish collagen is an alternative to the often used form of soluble collagen of bovine origin, used quite often in cosmetic products. It gives you the more desirable benefits you can expect from using this classic skin care protein.

Soluble collagen is one of the most effective moisturizing substances available. Soluble collagen is characterized by the structure of a triple spiral. This gives the possibility of high water absorption.

The COLLASOL M formula is especially recommended in medicinal preparations as a moisturizer for particularly dry skin.

The moisturizing effect allows COLLASOL M collagen formula to help the skin regain elasticity, because collagen is the main component of connective tissue, covering about 90% (dry base) of the dermis.

Soluble collagen is collagen in its native, non-hydrolyzed form and as such is an extremely high molecular weight protein. As a result, the case has palpable tactile properties and exhibits film-forming properties far superior to other proteins. The film layer created by the formula gives an immediate smooth and velvety effect that stays on the skin for a long time.