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Bioxx - Antibacterial hand cream with hyaluronic acid and active collagen

Hand cream contains urea in elevated concentration, triple hyaluronic acid: small molecule, medium-m..

17.22 zł Ex Tax:14.00 zł

Bioxx Antibacterial foot cream with 15% urea and active collagen

A unique formula of active agents in high concentration having softening, regenerating and bacterios..

19.68 zł Ex Tax:16.00 zł

Bioxx Face cream with tripeptides, active collagen and hyaluronic acid

The specially selected formula of active substances, combining selected functions to create outstand..

73.80 zł Ex Tax:60.00 zł

Bioxx Face gel serum with Natural Growth Factors, hyaluronic acid and active collagen

Highly concentrated, containing selected active substances.Recommended for:wrinkle reduction, firms ..

86.10 zł Ex Tax:70.00 zł