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Antibacterial foot cream with 15% urea and active collagen

A unique formula of active agents in high concentration having softening, regenerating and bacterios..

17.22 zł Ex Tax: 14.00 zł

Antibacterial hand cream with hyaluronic acid and active collagen

Hand cream contains urea in elevated concentration, triple hyaluronic acid: small molecule, medium-m..

14.76 zł Ex Tax: 12.00 zł

Face cream with tripeptides, active collagen and hyaluronic acid

The specially selected formula of active substances, combining selected functions to create outstand..

34.44 zł Ex Tax: 28.00 zł

Face gel serum with Natural Growth Factors, hyaluronic acid and active collagen

Highly concentrated, containing selected active substances.Recommended for:wrinkle reduction, firms ..

43.05 zł Ex Tax: 35.00 zł

Products set of Anti Age Collagen Expert line

Perhaps the best solution would be to check all Anti Age Collagen Expert creams? Take advantage of t..

146.37 zł 135.30 zł Ex Tax: 110.00 zł

Set of Hand cream and Foot cream

A set of hand and foot care creams. You save when buying the set. Check the effects of both creams f..

31.00 zł 29.52 zł Ex Tax: 24.00 zł

Set: Face serum and two face creams

A set of creams that complement each other.You can apply the serum to your face a few minutes before..

114.39 zł 110.70 zł Ex Tax: 90.00 zł